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Чатрукьян просмотрел список и изумился еще. Все файлы прошли проверку, в них не было обнаружено ничего необычного, а это означало, что «ТРАНСТЕКСТ» безукоризненно чист.

After the crypto winter turned into an ice age things are beginning to thaw at last. See a chart attached in the jpg below.

Калькулятор Биткоина в рублях Курс Bitcoin к доллару на сегодня Точный курс рубля к американскому доллару можно посмотреть на любом специализированном сайте.

This is a daily chart each candle is 1 day of Bitcoin against the USD. As we rolled into February the finally caught up with the 20 giving another golden cross and importantly falling below the candles.

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As I post this now we are perhaps just a day or 2 away from the final golden cross, where the and 50 will cross. Moving averages are one of my favourite indicators because they interact with not only each other, but also the candles.

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If you look at the current rally you can clearly see that the pink 20 MA has offered support to the price throughout, and still sits a little below the price even after the fall from this weekend. So, moving averages look bullish, unless we see a big red candle within the next day or so that pulls us below the 20 MA.

Going back to trend lines, the channel I drew starting back in July was broken out of right as we crossed the MA in late January.

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The channel I drew in purple, the current rally, also looks very healthy. What adds validation: 1. Holding above the 20MA 2.

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Holding within the purple channel 3. RSI trendline holds strong 5.

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Golden cross takes too long, angle shallows локал биткоин курс usd. We fall out of the purple channel 3. A lot of you ask me what fundamentals are driving this rally, there are a few, but I must stress that I am not as confident in technicals holding us in this rally compared with fundamentals.

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Coronavirus is likely adding some fuel as some traders are getting itchy as central banks pump more money into the markets to keep everything afloat. The halving is also only a few months away now, but trying to project price movement around it is difficult, it appears to always turn локал биткоин курс usd, but the timing is different every time.

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